Customer Reviews

“Really great bra fitting experience today with Kimberly. She literally knew my bra size just by looking at me and gave me great fitting tips for when I’m bra shopping on my own. Great selection of fun prints/colors and reasonable prices too. I will definitely be back!”

Carley D

“The ladies who work there are AMAZING! They make bra shopping so easy and enjoyable. Lots of options on excellent quality products.”

Kendle L

“had an appointment to get a couple of new bras that fit me with my quarantine weight! they have lots of nice styles–fancy or plain–in lots of sizes, including larger than regular. went for one or two, came out with four! will definitely return.”

Robin Van G

“I highly recommend Victoria Classic Lingerie, and have sent many friends and family members their way over the years. The group of women working there genuinely care, and they know a ton about bra-fitting and the bras they carry. They’re also hilarious and super fun to be around! (Side note: they have a great selection of beautiful nighties, robes and underwear.) Bra shopping has always been difficult for me as my size is not carried in most stores, and since finding this lovely shop I have not gone anywhere else . I can happily say this place has changed my life! Do yourself a favour and check them out. :)”

Lindsay K

“Exceptional service and a surprisingly large selection make this shop stand out. If you don’t think anyone in town carries your unusual bra size, just call this place: they probably have it, and in gorgeous styles. I own and constantly wear 3 bras from here, and a sexy negligee. Worth checking out.”


“Had a lovely experience. Appointments are recommend since covid, but it was so easy to book. Also, Guess I’m more picky than I thought, but still found the perfect piece, and they’re even custom ordering (and shipping to me) in a different colour. Super small shop with a ton of styles, and attentive staff 🙂 wish I lived here so I could return more often.”


“Victoria Classic Lingerie is hands down my favourite place to bra shop in Victoria! Of course there are the obvious reasons why this shop is awesome, great styles, wide selection to choose from, a really clean and inviting atmosphere and located on the 1100 block of Fort street which means…. Hello Parking! Nothing will stop of from shopping at a store faster than having to circle the block 10 X just for the pleasure of plunking $5 in the meter and hope it’s enough. So the fact that there is plenty of FREE street parking available is a super added bonus. So now that we’ve got all the regular review items out of the way, let’s talk about what makes this store so special and why all women should shop there…. It’s a store for real women with real bodies. Let’s face it girls, bra shopping starts out fun but it can end in a puddle of tears in the change room and a camera roll of badly shot selfies. (Yes we bra shop with our friends when they’re not even there)

The staff are really friendly, comfortable to be around, knowledgeable and crazy helpful. They don’t sell you the bra you want; they sell you the bra that you need. And trust me I have been there plenty of times and I want a specific bra because it’s pretty. They have literally told me no. It won’t fit properly, there won’t be enough support ect… I, of course try it on anyway and if it’s not the way it goes but they’re right! They measure you properly and assist you on fitting and adjusting.Now let’s talk price. These aren’t La Senza prices, but then again it’s also not cheap bra quality. You get what you pay for girls. These bras are higher in price, around $60 and up, although there are plenty that you can get on sale, but they last for a couple of years. If washed properly they don’t distort or sag.

Apart from bras they also have little sexy outfits and even some dresses.

It’s well worth a stroll up Fort Street and a browse through Victoria Classic Lingerie.”